Social Media Tutorials

Have you ever wondered where to start in the social media world? Do you feel like you are too far behind to catch up? Don't worry, these tutorials can help you get started with some of the most important and popular social media networks. Try them out!

Google Tutorials

Here is a set of Google tutorials that will help you work your way through a few of Google's many tools.

Moodle Tutorials

If you ever need any help with Moodle, look no further, this collection of Moodle tutorials will help you with almost any of your questions and concerns.

Microsoft Tutorials

Some more tutorials for Microsoft Powerpoint, Word, and Excel!

Google Education Apps

Google Educational Tools

Google Apps is Google's service that allows you to manage custom branded flavors of Google's services on your domain. Google offers this service in free and premium versions, and Google also offers a free version for education institutions.Google Apps for Education is available to schools, universities and accredited educational organizations, as well as a qualifying group of non-profit organizations.

Google Applications for Higher Education

See why leading colleges and universities use Google Apps to deliver the advanced technology students need.

Socrative! Knowing what your students know...

Have you ever wanted to poll your classroom right on the spot, or give them a quick pop quiz without having to pass out a paper version? Now you have Socrative! A way for teachers and students to interact during the class with computers, tablets, phones, and other devices. As a teacher, go here to create a Socrative account and be assigned a room. As a student, go here to login to the room number your teacher was assigned. Now your teacher can ask questions, give quizzes, get responses, and enable voting in class.

Socrative introduction video (new) from Socrative Inc. on Vimeo.

Moodle Tutorials!

Check out our huge collection of Moodle tutorials on Scribd!