Moodle: Continuation

We continue our exploration into the workings of Moodle. Now we are moving on to quizzes and the questions that fill them. First off you have to write questions to fill your question bank which is explained in this tutorial.

Moodle: Question Bank

And then this tutorial walks you through the process of creating a quiz and then filling it with the questions that you just made in your question bank.

Moodle: Create Quiz

Scribd: How to

Scribd is a website dedicated to uploading and sharing written content including magazines, books, short stories, and articles. Scribd is one of the most popular document sharing websites and a great tool for teachers and students to use for free!

Here is a tutorial about creating an account with Scribd and then uploading your first document.
Scribd: Login and Upload Content

Here is a review of Scribd posted ironically on Scribd.
Scribd Review

Moodle: The Next Step

We have gone through "Moodle: The Beginning", now we can move on to something slightly more complicated. Here we have two more tutorials, these ones will take you through creating a hyperlink in Moodle to another website, like I did above with "Moodle: The Beginning". And the other one will teach you how to embed a video from Youtube into your Moodle course like this.
Here is the tutorial for creating a hyperlink.
Moodle: Creating a Hyperlink

And here is the tutorial for embedding a video into one of your courses.
Moodle: Embed a Video

Moodle: The Beginnings

Here at Fresno Pacific we use Moodle for all our online classes and try to keep our online teachers up-to-date with new tools and tricks for making their virtual classroom better. Here are two tutorials to help you get started with Moodle at Fresno Pacific University, if you don't know where to start.

This one takes you step by step through the Sign-up and Log-in process.
Moodle: Log-in

This tutorial walks you through finding your courses and then turning your editing capabilities on.
Moodle: Finding Courses and Editing

Twitter: Tutorials

Twitter is one of the most popular websites on the internet with over 1 billion Tweets (Twitter posts) per week. There are over 450,000 new accounts created everyday and that number continues to grow daily. With almost everyone using Twitter, how can teachers and professors find ways to engage a more tech-obsessed generation with this micro-blog tool? Here are three tutorials that help the beginner create an account, learn some Twitter language, and provide some options for implementing Twitter inside and outside the classroom.

How to Login/Signup
Twitter: How to Login or Signup

What are Hashtags and How to Create Them
Twitter: Hashtags and How to Create One

How to Use Twitter Inside and Outside School
Twitter: Using it in the Classroom

The video below is an example of one school using Twitter in the classroom to engage lage groups of students. It's called the "The Twitter Experiment".

Here is a review about Twitter written on Scribd that may help you understand a little bit better what Twitter is and how it stacks up.
Twitter Review