If you've been wandering around the COL lab sometime in the last couple of weeks, you'll have noticed that we've been spending some time building things on a grid we set up using Diva Canto's distribution of OSGrid. You can find more information about it on Diva's blog post, Standalone but Join the Party!

Some ideas I'm currently working on include: a system of teleporters using the campus map connecting the "entrance area" to locations that represent the different schools/groups of FPU (project code MAP); recreating the levels of Dante's Inferno, using teleporters at logical breaks in the text and scripting conversations between the characters like a ride at Disneyland (project code INFERNO); a space shuttle that takes you to the moon and drops you off, allowing you to bounce around while wearing a space suit (project code MOON); guided tour of the solar system/galaxy/universe (project code SPACE); developing the land around the "entrance area" (project code LAND).

Currently, we have this done:

I'm finished with the basic build of the map, but I'd still like to texture it with photos of the school, and of course we need to add teleport scripts to the buildings. That will wait until we have builds for the different things. I put lights over the map so you can see it at night, and they fade on shortly before the sun sets and fade off shortly after the sun rises. At least, that's how they are meant to work. The lights are also a warm color that reduces how blue the map looks at night.


I built a cave (and JUST realized I forgot to texture the rocks, so they are probably still the default wood texture...) around a teleporter sign that takes you up to a "halfway point" island where I will have a scripted Virgil who explains what's going on to a lost and confused... you. When I have a "circle" built, you will be able to use Virgil to teleport to the beginning of it. Right now he doesn't talk, he just sits there with a broken teleport script.


Scott likes the idea, so we'll move forward on it. Inferno comes first though.


I haven't mentioned this to Scott yet.


Scott has a couple buildings in mind to the Northwest, where he built a simple "house" with a "white board", a clock, and a teleport back to the "entrance area". He's also planning something much larger in the mountains, and I built a cave underneath it. But what the cave leads to is something he's planning as well.

At the "entrance area" I built a sidewalk around the 3d FPU Campus Map (the MAP), and a little "lounge area" with a low wall that has picture on it, a couple tables, some chairs, the scripted, not-super-useful, time-telling clock which reads in hours after midnight and isn't really accurate anyway, and a canopy with scarves that are supposed to flutter with the wind. I'm still working on the "flutter" part. Currently they like to "wag" wildly side to side. And I am working on the clock... It was an adaptation of a single lsl command that I learned. I'm trying to keep all the scripts I put on the sim to ones I wrote.

All of Torley Linden's textures I uploaded and put into "freebie boxes" near the lounge area, along with a box of t-shirts someone made using a T-shirt Template from Robin Wood, which you can use in GIMP as well as Photoshop. You can see Robin Wood's tutorial here, and download the file to make your own T-shirts for SecondLife, OSGrid, and anything else running OpenSim: How to Use the Robin (Sojourner) Wood T-shirt Template. And the last "box", a cylinder, contains a couple gestures for people to add to their inventories, made using Legend of Zelda sound effects. Hehe.