The Center for Online Learning has upgraded our library! We've just added 8 more books to the number of books that faculty and staff can borrow to learn more about online learning, or just to read for fun. The titles we just added are:

  • Rapid Instructional Design: Learning ID Fast and Right, by George M. Piskurich

  • The Course Syllabus: A Learning-Centered Approach, by Judith Grunert O'Brien, Barbara J. Millis, Margaret W. Cohen

  • The Online Teaching Survival Guide: Simple and Practical Pedagogical Tips, by Judith V. Boettcher, Rita-Marie Conrad

  • Introduction to Rubrics: An assessment tool to save grading time, convey effective feedback and promote student learning, by Dannelle D. Stevens and Antonia J. Levi

  • Handbook of Online Learning, by Kjell Erik Rudestam, Judith Schoenholtz-Read

  • The Perfect Online Course: Best Practices for Designing and Teaching, by Anymir Orellana, Terry L. Hudgins, and Michael Simonson

  • Delivering E-Learning: A complete strategy for design, application and assessment, by Kenneth Fee

  • A Guide to Faculty Development, by Kay J. Gillespie, Douglas L. Robertson, and Associates

So come on over and check out one of these books! Hope to see you soon.

(As a side note, if anybody could suggest a reliable checkin-checkout software program that runs on linux and works with a barcode scanner, that would be awesome.)