You have probably seen a lot of these new presentation tools that are coming out like SlideRocket, Prezi, and SlideShare. These are all separate tools that take time to learn, but they add a whole world of new options and choices. When you are updating your Powerpoint presentations to be hip and fresh, you want new ways to deliver the material, but you just don't have the time to learn a whole new set of tools. How about trying out Snap? This is a tool that works through Powerpoint to give you all those extra, cool options right in the program that you are already working in.

Snap allows you to record audio/visual content right into your presentation, add clickable webpages, insert youtube videos, insert flash animation, add interactive quizzes and surveys, add open-able attachments for additional learning, and publish online and offline. This program does it all, by just adding another set of tools to your existing Powerpoint menu. (Right now they only offer a Windows version and it is a one-time fee of $99, check out a comparison)

Try it out here!